Frequently Asked Questions

Q   What is the difference between Greenstone and Jade?

A   Greenstone is our common name for a stone which should be called nephrite jade as it is in other countries.

      The name Greenstone came from early European explorers. The Maori name for Greenstone is Pounamu.

Q   Is it bad luck to buy Greenstone for yourself?

A    No but it is bad luck to steal it. If you feel it is bad to buy it for yourself you can overcome this by getting

       someone else to place the carving over your neck for the first time.

Q   Is the darker stone better?

A    This is a matter of personal preferaence. There is definitely some stone harder than others but it can be any shade of

       green. Used in the right carving even the softest stone can be beautiful.

Q   Do the spots and lines make a carving weaker?

A    Not usually. In fact one of the most highly valued greenstones - flower jade has distinctive orange/brown markings

       which add beauty and value to any carving made from it.

Q   Are all your carvings blessed?

A   We approach each carving in a loving, caring way and honour the stone through the carving process but leave anything

      more than that to the wearer.